SJI works to ensure that all levels of the workforce reflect the composition of the region we serve. Our commitment to inclusion is demonstrated through welcoming and supporting employees from all backgrounds so they can achieve their full potential. We strongly believe that differences of culture, circumstances and view play a key role in broadening our ability to grow our company and that a diverse workplace maximizes employee performance and creates value for our customers and our shareholders.

Diversity is the collective strength of experiences, skills, talents, perspectives, and cultures that each employee brings to SJI. It's how we create a dynamic business environment to serve our customers.

Inclusion is about respecting and valuing the unique dimension each employee adds to the organization and recognizing that employees are at their creative and productive best when they work in an inclusive work environment.

Resource Groups

We are in a better position to meet the needs of all employees when we have a diverse workforce.

SJI Women’s Leadership Initiative

SJI’s Women’s Leadership Initiative was founded on the principle that the participants and SJI will benefit from the encouragement of growth and development, on-going mentoring and the sharing of information and expertise. The group strives to develop a strong community where members communicate, educate, collaborate, influence, network with and encourage one another. The Leadership Initiative shares ideas and information throughout the organization and sponsors educational activities that are not exclusive to the group’s membership but that benefit the organization as a whole. The group is supported by three key committees tasked with identifying activities that will allow the women of SJI to create connections and support across functional areas and throughout the organization.

  • The Community Involvement Committee identifies and develops community service initiatives to benefit key agencies and non-profits throughout the region.
  • The Education Committee creates a culture that encourages learning and growth by providing opportunities that support education and encourage collaborative and professional dialog.
  • The Networking and Mentoring Committee develops networking events as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities both with internal staff and external mentors.

Senior executives actively participate in women's leadership organizations such as Executive Women of New Jersey and the Forum of Executive Women.

American Association of Blacks in Energy

AABE is a national association of energy professionals founded and dedicated to ensure the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policy regulations, R&D technologies, and environmental issues. The purposes of AABE are the following:

  • To serve as a resource for policy discussion of the economic, social and political impact of environmental and energy policies on African Americans and other minorities.
  • To ensure involvement of minorities in governmental energy policymaking by recommending capable, sensitive and informed personnel to appropriate officials.
  • To encourage both the public and private sectors to be responsive to the problems, goals and aspirations of minorities in energy-related fields.
  • To encourage minority students to pursue careers in energy-related fields and to provide scholarships and other financial aid for such students.

In February 2010, SJI formed a South Jersey Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy. The group was chartered in May and they are in the process of expanding membership to other organizations in southern New Jersey. The South Jersey Chapter has three standing committees: Networking and Communication; Community Service and Scholarship; and Education and Awareness.