Student Internships / Co-op

Interns will have the opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on what makes an Energy enterprise tick. Our interns can put their entrepreneurial talent into action and make the most of their enthusiasm for the energy sector in the professional world.

During your internship, you will have the ability to network with other interns and colleagues within your group, as well as other interns at our various locations. We provide our interns with training and development opportunities to help foster business skills that will be beneficial throughout their professional careers. Our interns are invited to a “Welcome Meet and Greet Breakfast” where they have the unique opportunity of networking with our company officers. Interns are also encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the way we do business. These invaluable pieces of advice have helped us grow our products and services, better our processes, and streamline our business. Many of our interns have returned to us in subsequent intern assignments and have eventually landed full time positions with us upon graduation.

Intern Testimonials

"As an intern with the Corporate Communications department at SJI I gained invaluable experience within the field. I had the opportunity to work on various projects, from business communication plans to writing copy for company web pages. I saw the opening of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station, sharpened my writing skills and had the chance to study the rapidly changing energy industry. Through the intern program I was able to meet and learn from a variety of professionals ranging from senior executives to engineers working in the field. The people I came in contact with were always friendly and willing to help, and made me feel like my time here was actually contributing to the company. Through my assignments and relationships SJI enabled me to grow both as a professional and a person.  I couldn’t have asked for a better internship this summer; it gave me a hands-on experience that will benefit me in the professional world. "
Lindsey Craig
Communications Intern
Quinnipiac University
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Minor Finance

"Interning at SJI has helped me to enhance my work ethic and acquire the ability to work with an asset management system through such a prestigious company. The lessons learned inside the office will prove to be more beneficial than the lessons learned within the classroom. My brilliant managers made sure I never had a day equally the same; they made sure it came with intriguing challenges and countless rewards. Throughout all of my projects, their influence and the responsibility given to me provided the best work experience. The employees here gave me just the right amount of support that I needed to succeed. Overall, this internship has proven to be a valuable opportunity where I could network with a lot of influential people that share the same passion I do."
Parth Patel
Maximo Application Specialist Intern
The Richard Stockton College of NJ
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Info Systems

"As an Engineering Intern for South Jersey Gas, I have learned about utility systems, and have been taught to use a variety of programs to evaluate and research pipes, valves, and regulators. I have worked as part of the design engineers looking at main renewals, service installations, as well as larger projects under CIRT classification. My experiences have given me a better understanding of how utilities are placed within the ground, and the rules and regulations for construction and design. I have gone into the field to observe the designs or plans that I looked over in the office, allowing me to see the whole scope of my own work. The knowledge I have gained here is both valuable and applicable to my future as a civil and environmental engineer, and compliment what I have already learned as an engineer. I have enjoyed working for this company and would recommend this experience to anyone given the opportunity. This is an experience I will miss come the fall semester and I will not soon forget all those I have had the pleasure of working with."
Felipe Blotta
Engineering Intern
Rowan University
Bachelor of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering

"Interning with South Jersey Gas has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. As soon as I walked through the door for my first day of work I began engaging in the office culture and learning. I had thought I would just be learning about the construction process and utility business, but there was so much more. My supervisors and co-workers were eager to instill life lessons and give their advice for my future career. Any question I had, they were more than willing to answer. The construction team made me feel like more than an intern by continuously taking time out of their busy schedules to include me in their work. I reviewed construction orders, service records, went out into the field to see our contractor crews, and attended several meetings varying from work management to pre-construction. My position gave me a unique view into both the physical aspects of construction as well as the business side. South Jersey Gas has helped me bridge the gap between being a college student and a young professional. When I graduate from college, I am certain that I will be ready for whatever the next step may be thanks to this summer experience."
Rianna Harris
University of Michigan
BSE Civil and Environmental Engineering, Construction Management Concentration
Mathematics Minor